Dare to ask


Sex in Contexts

For pleasure to rise contexts is not irrelevant. I am talking about circumstances such as: Mental state Physical state Setting Circumstances of life Fantasy and mindset Action: what to do and not to do (alone and with your partner/s) Creating the right ...

Personal Pleasure

It is OK to make time for yourself and your pleasure!Flying solo, masturbation, autoeroticism… it has many names. Through the ages, self-gratification has been described as a shameful and inappropriate activity. Shame on self-gratification has been used ...


When we talk about paraphilia we mean permanent (or long-term) sexual interest. This post is part of the series “Dare to ask”, if you want to ask something about this theme, you can leave a comment or write me an e-mail. We can talk about your ...


Terminology Gender diversity is described using a wide range of concepts and terminology. This vocabulary is constantly developing and changing. The Human Rights Campaign website offers clear list of concepts to which I convey the reader of this article.