Personal Pleasure

It is OK to make time for yourself and your pleasure!
Flying solo, masturbation, autoeroticism… it has many names. Through the ages, self-gratification has been described as a shameful and inappropriate activity. Shame on self-gratification has been used to limit people’s sexual expression and their empowerment. Studies show that a sexually active and well-being person is healthier and that masturbation could, in some cases, even prolong life expectancy! Surely it makes the time given to us more enjoyable and pleasurable!

Here are some tips to begin on your path towards self-gratification.

  • Give yourself permission to feel pleasure, you are worth it. The best way to increase your pleasure is to explore your own sexual potential. Pleasure rarely breaks out on its own and it just doesn’t come only by waiting for the right moment and the suitable partner. Pleasure arises from our will and awareness of what we like or dislike. You can begin by thinking about what brings you pleasure? What do you dislike?
  • Space for your fantasies. The so-called “shameful” fantasies are more common than you think! People can get aroused by things that are generally perceived as scary, dirty, or wrong, being so it’s important to remember that there is a difference between fantasies and making them happen. Fantasies are exclusively yours and you are allowed to enjoy them!
  • Be sure to take care of your whole body, stop at where you get pleasure. Take time for yourself and be merciful.
  • Pleasure requires slowing down. If pleasure does not arise immediately, it does not mean that it won’t not arise at all!
  • Try different positions and different ways to touch yourself.
  • Sex toys are welcome, remember to be curious!